Our Process


New homes - especially custom homes - are expressions of our needs, tastes, and priorities. It is important for us as custom builders to share the vision of your project and we work hard to understand project goals and objectives. Ryan Brothers’ team welcomes the opportunity to meet with you – face to face – to discuss and consider your ideas and plans and to collectively develop options. Let us show you the latest building trends and how to fit these into your home or how to decide which features to put in your new home. After we create a list of your wants and needs, we will document all of your major design elements that will help shape your dream project. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons and show you the newest technology and product options in home building. Your input provides us with the ability to create a conceptual roadmap of your project and to develop some accurate cost estimates. Based on this information, you are able to determine how you wish to proceed. Building a new home is a huge task; let us help you through the process.


All the design elements from the planning meeting are then married with Ryan Brothers years of experience to create a strategic design to deliver something that you can truly be happy with once construction begins. Ryan Brothers’ team will work with the Architect, and other required personnel (Interior Designers, Engineers, etc) to create the final drawings required to properly cost the job and to apply for permit approvals. We will manage the entire process of package preparation and submission for the necessary and relevant approvals. No matter what phase your project is in, Ryan Brother focuses on providing the best possible customer service to all of our clients. We achieve this by instituting budget goals, strict timelines, and client expectations at the start of the design phase and continue this throughout the construction process.


The Ryan Brothers’ team personally manages the project throughout the entire construction phase. We pride ourself on employing highly trained carpenters with years of experience in custom home building, which is paired with our highly skilled administration and management team.

We provide the following services to keep the project on time, on budget as we:

  • source and procure quality materials
  • manage risks
  • create and manage the project schedule
  • manage the trades people day to day
  • monitor the quality of trades’ work

We are committed to completing our jobs on time and on budget. Each project is unique and we will tailor a custom project schedule for you before we start to ensure that you are aware of the timeline to completion. Typically a new custom home can take anywhere from 8 – 14 months depending on size and complexity of the build.

National Home Warranty

In addition to our standard two year materials/workmanship warranty and the warranties provided by various product manufacturers, Ryan Brothers also provides specialized “third-party” protection (National Home Warranty Program).

Our Philosophy

We believe that your home should be a complete and true reflection of your individual spirit and lifestyle and our team can help you design that home. We will meet with you – face to face – to discuss your ideas, brainstorm options, and get your dream on paper!

We will use our fifty-plus combined years of experience to help you understand your options when it comes to designs, plans, materials, pricing models, etc. These are important to consider when making decisions and determining tradeoffs between quality, scope, scale and budget.

The Ryan Brothers’ team will professionally manage your entire project, from start to finish and will include regularly established communication check points with you to discuss construction progress, issues, and to answer your questions.

Finally we want to make sure you’re covered. In addition to our standard two year materials/workmanship warranty and the warranties provided by various product manufacturers, we also provides specialized “third-party” protection (National Home Warranty Program).

Our History

Originally from Saskatchewan, father and son Terry and Cody Ryan have a combined homebuilding business experience of almost 50 years. For several years, Terry Ryan was the owner/operator of Burton Cabinets, based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, that specialized in the manufacture and sales of high end custom cabinetry. Burton Cabinets were installed in some of the finest homes across Canada, the United States and Japan.

Cody Ryan has been building and doing renovation projects for over 15 years. Cody well versed in all aspects of construction, and is also a finishing carpenter by trade and the site foreman. He is highly regarded for his craftsmanship and leadership in providing a fun and stress free building experience for their clients.

With a well-established reputation in homebuilding, the Ryan Brothers have a team of trusted trades people, sub-contractors, and suppliers at their disposal. Collectively, they have created beautiful, well crafted, and high quality homes for their valued clients.